5 Key Traits All Job Seekers Need to Win the Interview

They probably aren’t written in the job description or the posting that you apply for. But these traits may be the most important ones a job seeker can possess.

It’s easy to list the usual traits that prospective employers are looking for: reliability, consistency, a sense of initiative, the ability to exceed expectations, flexibility, the ability to prioritize, team player, problem solver, self-awareness, proactivity, communication skills, multi-tasking, integrity, etc.

These traits are extremely important. But they are not going to “win” the interview for you.

You need to think beyond the usual and focus on making yourself stand out from the rest of the reliable, proactive, self-aware, multi-tasking crowd.

“Networking will be the way you find your next opportunity,” notes John Decker, Executive Vice President of MDL Partners (www.mdlpartners.com). “You need a clear focus and must be enthusiastic about that focus. Enthusiasm sells!”

Likeability is also a key factor. It’s all about the chemistry between you and the person you are networking with and/or the potential employer. They have to be able to see you as someone they can work with on a daily basis, or someone they would recommend to friends and colleagues.

Establish credibility early on. “Your job is to be an expert on yourself and your resume. Always be able to substantiate your claims with specific examples,” explains Decker.

Transferability is extremely important. Take past achievements and translate those experiences into future applications to show that you can solve problems for the prospective employer.

Insightfulness is crucial. Listen: what are they really saying? What do they need that you are an expert in?

The 5 key traits that all job seekers need to win the interview? Enthusiasm, likeability, credibility, transferability and insightfulness.

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