5 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Brand

One of the most difficult times that you face in your career is changing jobs and the subsequent search that ensues.

You know many of the steps you need to take to get started. But according to MDL Partners (www.MDLPartners.com), if you’re not focusing your attention on branding and networking, you’re going to miss out on many opportunities.

“You need to grow and strengthen your personal brand so it can be leveraged to help you in your job search,” explains Tom McNeil, President of Executive resource company MDL Partners.

Here are the top 5 ways to do so:

  1. Carefully Craft Your LinkedIn Profile: LinkedIn is your most powerful online networking tool. It has over 350 million members and your profile is your opportunity to impress them. Put some thought and effort into perfecting your profile and it will pay off. Showcase your strengths and accomplishments. Use relevant keywords. When looking at your LinkedIn Profile, first imagine yourself standing in front of someone you are about to meet for the first time. Through your profile, you extend your hand and keep a smile on your face. Because the website is social, you should be personable in the way you relate your unique story.
  2. Be the Subject Matter Expert: Whatever your specialty, embrace it and don’t be afraid to label yourself as an expert.
  3. Contribute: Whether it’s on LinkedIn by posting directly to your connections, in a Group you belong to, via Twitter, to an industry association or newsletter, or even an alumni publication – get your name out there. Contribute relevant, interesting and thought-provoking content.
  4. Engage: Stay abreast of what’s going on in your industry. Follow the experts. Comment on their Tweets. Engage with them.
  5. Never Overlook the Value of Face-to-Face Interactions: As great as online networking is, nothing replaces in-person networking for making the next step in your career. Always be as impressive in person as you are online!

MDL Partners works with clients to stand out from the crowd, achieve their career goals and to broaden and deepen their network. There are plenty of times in your career that you will use MDL Partner’s services – and once you are a client, you are a client throughout your entire career. MDL Partners works with clients on their immediate needs today, with an eye towards the future.

About Your MDL Partners: In the career consulting industry MDL Partners is unique because of our extensive network. At MDL Partners we work with mid and senior level executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a better environment, a new job, a career change or career advancement. When you become a client of MDL Partners you immediately gain access to a worldwide network of senior level executives and professionals. This extensive network is a true differentiator between MDL Partners and other career services options. And our career services are yours to use in the future as your needs and the market change. MDL Partners has offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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