Organizing Your Job Search

How are you keeping track of your job search right now? Managing a job search can feel incredibly overwhelming at times, but luckily these websites are here to help.  


Jibber Jobber 

We’re starting off strong with the app JibberJobber. This app may have a silly name, but its services are no joke. It provides help tracking jobs you’ve applied for, networking relationships/follow-ups, and keeping tabs on target companies. It even provides job search, networking, and entrepreneur videos to further educate you. It is free to sign up, but an upgrade is available for $5/month. In the words of one client, “I will try to keep this brief, a difficult task with such a valuable product. I have been using for over a year. The constant changes to social media sites (for no apparent reason) are very frustrating. JibberJobber changes just as often, but every change has been a value-added experience, and easy to navigate…[it] definitely has [its] finger on the pulse of the needs of the users. [JibberJobber] listens to suggestions and consistently makes this tool more and more powerful.” 


Teal’s Job Tracker 

Up next is something a little different—Teal’s Job Tracker is a free Google Chrome extension that works in four simple steps. After you download the extension, you can bookmark jobs you’re interested in right from your browser. The next step is to optimize your materials—Teal will highlight words you can use to make your resume stand out. Finally, this tracker will let you know when to follow up with your applications. It’s completely free to use and was rated number four Product of the Day on Product Hunt. 



Next on the list is an app called Huntr, that helps you track and discover job opportunities. It offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to organizing your search, managing tasks, implementing search filters, sharing progress, viewing available jobs in map form, and tracking your activity. It is formatted in an easy-to-use calendar board style, clearly displaying everything you’re working on. It is used by thousands of job seekers from around the world and is completely free to use. 



Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM, so it’s more robust than you might need, but we love the visual representation of the process and progress. You customize the stages and steps, and then drag each “card” from stage to stage. This helps you track your progress and focus your attention where it’s needed the most, and it gives you a visual snapshot of your job search in one easy glance. The cost is $12.50 per month. 



Insightly is a free CRM system that helps you manage your key contacts and relationships—and it’s a great tool for your job search. When you meet someone, enter his or her contact information, and note important derails from your conversation. Then, create a reminder in the system to follow up on a certain date in the future. And it integrates with Outlook! Cost is $29 per month. 


No matter how you decide to track your job search, it’s crucial to stay organized and focused. And of course, most importantly, get out there and network, whether it’s via Zoom, on the phone, or (safely) face-to-face.