Robert A. Gough Jr., Ph.D. is a Senior Vice President at MDL Partners, with 30 years of experience in management and investment banking, including hedge funds and specializing in capital markets. Bob has been principally involved with Fortune 500 decision makers, both domestically and abroad, national and international government policy makers, and dozens of emerging growth company entrepreneurs.

Bob’s primary professional focus has been on two fronts: (1) identifying and developing new investment and strategic opportunities, and (2) assessing market shaping trends associated with the global economy, policy, and technology. He is renowned for his public speaking in both this country and abroad on the effects of economic, government policy, and technology issues on investment opportunities and growth strategies, and for his television and radio commentaries on economic topics and issues.

Bob was Managing Director of investment-banking firm Lexington Partners. He was Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist of Fernwood Investment Management, an investment company focused on alternative investment portfolios as well as venture related opportunities in the art and collectables markets. He has been Chairman of Castel, Inc., a software solutions company providing state-of-the-art voice and data integration technology; President and CEO of Organizational Dynamics, Inc., an international management consulting firm; President and CEO of Corporate Broadcasting Network, a multimedia business information company in Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Senior Vice President of Data Resources, Inc.

Bob has had extensive experience in the broadcast industry. He has been Economics Editor at WBZ-TV, the Boston NBC (now CBS) affiliate. He has appeared regularly on various news programs to discuss, analyze, and comment on topical economic issues and breaking news events. He has frequently appeared on nationally televised programs such as the Lehrer News Hour, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and the CBS Evening News. He has hosted radio call-in shows including on National Public Radio (NPR) and syndicated AM stations, and currently does radio commentaries for WBZ 1030.

In addition, he has held senior consulting assignments with various international and federal agencies, such as the Office of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Great Britain, the Japanese External Trade Organization, the Bundesbank, the U.S. Department of Defense, INEL, and led the forecasting team for President Reagan’s Grace Commission. He has testified before various U.S. House and Senate committees on U.S. fiscal, monetary, and budgetary policies, as well as lectured frequently at various leading colleges and universities in the U.S., including the Harvard Business School, the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, MIT, UCLA, Stanford, Duke, Amherst, Babson, the University of California at Berkeley, Columbia School of Journalism, Georgetown, the University of Texas, Williams and Wellesley. For 10 years, he taught Economics at Wellesley College and is Visiting Professor of Management at the Peter T. Paul School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Gough is an alumnus of Bates College and received his Ph.D. from Duke University.

He has served or currently serves on several corporate and nonprofit boards of directors in various capacities including Windhaven Investment Management, the Board of Trustees at Bates College, the Advisory Board of the Fuqua School of Business at Duke, the National Operations Management Association, as well as the Council of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, the Business Leadership Committee of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the “100th Anniversary Celebration Committee” of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New England Board of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Chairman of the Board of Covenant Christian Academy. He lives on the North Shore of Boston with his wife and two children.