Success In Your Job Search: Identifying Target Companies

Job seekers who approach their search with a list of 30-50 target companies are more successful, finds executive resource firm MDL Partners (

“We have found that clients with a target company list appear more focused, open doors more quickly and easily, and receive more introductions as they build their networks,” explains Tom McNeil, President of MDL Partners.

There are three primary reasons for this increased probability of success.

  • Your target list can serve as a door opener. If you approach your network saying, “I have an interesting list of target companies, and would like to get your observations,” you have a much greater chance of entering a meeting.
  • Assisted recall. If you say to a networking connection you’re interested in venture capital firms, you may get a contact or two.  If you show them a list of 30 venture firms, the probability is that you will receive 3-5 times as many introductions.
  • People tend to organize their contact database by industry and company. If you say to a potential networking contact that you are interested in any small company with growth problems, you will typically get a blank stare.  If you can name a couple of industry sectors, and companies within those sectors, you are much more likely to get an introduction.

So how do you build a list of target companies?

MDL Partners specializes in working with job seekers to not only build their lists, but refine their career focus. MDL Partners works with clients to stand out from the crowd, achieve their career goals and to broaden and deepen their network. There are plenty of times in your career that you will use MDL Partner’s services – and once you are a client, you are a client throughout your entire career. MDL Partners works with clients on their immediate needs today, with an eye towards the future.

About Your MDL Partners: In the career consulting industry MDL Partners is unique because of our extensive network. At MDL Partners we work with mid and senior level executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a better environment, a new job, a career change or career advancement. When you become a client of MDL Partners you immediately gain access to a worldwide network of senior level executives and professionals. This extensive network is a true differentiator between MDL Partners and other career services options. And our career services are yours to use in the future as your needs and the market change. MDL Partners has offices in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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