The Biggest Mistake You’re Making During Your Job Search

One of the biggest decisions that you face in your career is changing jobs and the subsequent search that ensues.

At this point you know many of the steps you need to take to get started. You may talk to recruiters and study the job boards. But according to MDL Partners (, if you’re ignoring the hidden job market you’re making the biggest mistake possible.

“When we talk about the hidden job market we specifically mean jobs that candidates get that aren’t being advertised directly on any website or job board,” notes Tom McNeil, President of MDL Partners.

According to a LinkedIn Pulse article, 70%-80% of offers are made to people that haven’t applied to a direct advertising campaign. “We estimate that 90% of jobs are found through Networking,” adds McNeil.

According to CareerXRoads, employee referral is the number one source of new hires. The report also stated that candidates hired through job postings are trending downward.

So what can you do? Not engaging in active Networking could be holding your job search back and is as harmful as searching without a plan.

  1. Stay engaged.
  2. Create a compelling online presence.
  3. Stay active in professional organizations and associations.
  4. Establish and cultivate an extensive Network.
  5. Remember that Networking works both ways; provide assistance to others in your network as often as you can.

“In the career consulting industry MDL Partners is unique because we utilize our extensive network of over 5,000 clients as a primary resource,” explains McNeil. “MDL Partners works with clients on their immediate needs today, with an eye towards the future.”

MDL Partners works with clients to help you stand out from the crowd and to achieve your career goals, as well as to broaden and deepen your network. There are plenty of times in your career that you will use MDL Partner’s services – and once you are a client, you are a client throughout your entire career.

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