When Doing All You Can Doesn’t Seem Like Enough, Try “Be. Do. Have.”

We’ve all been there – feeling the frustration of doing all we can possibly do, yet feeling as though we can’t get ahead. You’re tired, you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you’re getting overwhelmed.  And as much as you do, it still feels like there is a barrier in front of you.  You can’t seem to make more money, you can’t seem to find the time to relax or enjoy yourself, and you can’t accomplish “enough”.

So what if I told you that the reason you are experiencing these things is that you have only mastered the art of “doing”, but not yet the art of “Being”?  Would you look at me with confusion or incredulity? If so, that’s okay.  That was my reaction the first time I heard this, too.

The basic premise is that once you identify what it is you’d like to have, before you do, you should first Be.  Simply put, before you can have whatever it is you want to have show up in your life, instead of jumping straight into the doing associated with attaining it, you first have to Be the kind of person who would naturally have those things show up.  You won’t win the Boston Marathon if you don’t run it, but you won’t run it if you are not first Being the kind of person who runs a marathon (Committed, Grateful, Joyous, Respectful of one’s body, etc.).

Beingness States like Gratitude, Abundance, Freedom, and Joy are considered the context, or environment of your life experience.  What results show up in your life experience (achievements, jobs, relationships, money) are considered the content.  If your context (or the way in which you are Being) is that of a desert, then you are not going to find tropical plants as your content.

It may seem like a foreign concept at first, but the more you pay attention to it, and the more you put “Be. Do. Have.” into practice, the more often you’ll notice that you are having more and more of what you want to create show up in your life with ease, and without that feeling of dread that comes with “doing all you can”.

Melody Martin has joined John Decker (CEO Mastering the Corporate Pyramid) as a newly published author.  Melody’s book, Be. Do. Have.  A Crash Course in Reality and Creating the Life You Choose, explores through the lenses of physics, neuroscience, and philosophy, a framework for implementing what is actually a simple yet powerful practice into your everyday life.  It can be found on Amazon or Barnes & Noble’s websites.

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