Why Now Is the Time to Start Looking for a New Job

Two months into 2014 and the economy seems to be improving. The number of new job opportunities is increasing. Career consulting experts MDL Partners (www.mdlpartners.com) remind you that now might be a time to poke your head out of the trenches and look around at the opportunities.

Why now? If you have been in your current job for two or three years you have probably moved up the learning curve fairly rapidly and now might be leveling off.  And if you are looking to continue moving forward, think about whether you are still actively developing marketable new skills and contacts to further your career.

“As you (hopefully) mature and become more self-aware, you should be developing a better perspective on your strengths and unique capabilities,” explains John Decker, Executive Vice President with MDL Partners.  “Most people’s strengths change and evolve over time. You may find that your current position does not fully utilize your evolving strengths and abilities. Remember, people tend to like to do what they are good at, so you may be able to find more enjoyable work.”

MDL Partners works with clients to achieve their career goals. If you’re not excited about your work, if you’re not challenged on a day-to-day basis, if you are bored with too many repetitive tasks or are not excited about the output and results of your work, it’s hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic.

There are plenty of times in your career that you will use MDL Partner’s services – and once you are a client, you are a client throughout your entire career. Maybe there is no room for advancement. Perhaps your company is not growing. Growth usually creates more financial stability, opportunities for career movement and a positive brand image. As the saying goes, if the company isn’t growing, it’s falling behind with the potential for decreased bonuses, underwater stock options and layoffs. Decker suggests that you know your company’s financials and act accordingly.

MDL Partners also advises those who are thinking about changing careers and those who have been laid off.

In the career consulting industry MDL Partners is unique because we utilize our extensive network of nearly 5,000 clients as a primary resource. At MDL Partners we work with mid and senior level executives, entrepreneurs and professionals who are looking for a better environment, a new job, a career change or career advancement. When you become a client of MDL Partners you immediately gain access to a worldwide network of senior level executives and professionals. This extensive network is a true differentiator between MDL Partners and other career services options. And our career services are yours to use in the future as your needs and the market change.

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