Ongoing Career Support

One of the key differentiators that sets MDL Partners apart is our ongoing commitment to supporting our clients beyond the moment they accept their next job offer.  Because they are “clients for life” means that we are there through every step of their career, and that our services can be utilized at any time career management support is needed.  This might include preparing for a promotion, negotiating a fuller compensation package, transitioning into another company, navigating a merger, or any number of hurtles that may arise throughout one’s career.  And in addition to support-on-demand, MDL Partners offers other tools and services to ensure our clients’ career plans are coming to fruition.


As needed throughout one’s career, MDL Partners will provide:

A yearly evaluation of career plan actualization and suggestions for next steps

Preparation for next career transition

Updated auxiliary materials

Interviewing and compensation negotiation support

Access to all MDL Partners workshops as many times as desired

Access to networking meetings hosted by MDL Partners as many times as desired

We believe our ongoing support throughout our clients’ careers is a large part of what makes our network so strong, because the professional relationships forged through our clients being active members has led to our clients’ successes over and over again.