Becoming an MDL Partners Client Means Immediate Network Expansion

When it comes to Executive Level positions, it is estimated that more that 85%  are obtained through networking connections, as opposed to job postings or blind applications.  This is why our philosophy and methodology drive home the fact that “Networking is Key”.  When you become a client of MDL Partners, you are immediately expanding your network to include top executives from around the world.

Executive Network Expansion

Because our network includes over 7,000 executives worldwide, all of whom have learned our networking techniques, means that we have reach into almost every major company around the world, and in turn, so do you.  And not only will becoming a client of MDL Partners immediately expand your executive network, our consultants will coach you on how to develop and manage your personal network, as well.  Many people don’t realize how important this is, even after they have accepted a new position.

As it grows and expands, cultivating and caring for your network is what will ensure that whatever your career management strategy encompasses in the long-term, you will have a solid recommendation and endorsement from those who have influence within the companies at which you seek a role.  By learning our techniques, clients build networking habits that enrich their life and careers long after they have experienced a career transition, and they remain enthusiastic about continuing to build more connections with our incoming clients, which makes MDL Partners unique.