When you become a member of MDL Partners, you are not hiring a recruiter who doesn’t care what your personal goals are; You are joining a network of Senior Level Executives and a team of Career Management Professionals whose sole mission is to support you in finding the perfect company, title, and compensation package you deserve, with support from all sides.

Below is a brief overview of the benefits you receive by becoming a member:

  • Lifetime membership with ongoing career support for one flat fee – NO monthly membership dues!
  • Access to our full network of clients/members with reach into even the most remote of companies and startups (nearly 9,000 members with an extended networking reach of hundreds of thousands of executives worldwide), where we curate the best networking opportunites for your goals to save you time.
  • One-on-one coaching with a dedicated consultant that stays hands-on throughout your career management process, including tailored support with career focus, job search strategizing, elevator pitch development, networking technique guidance, interviewing preparation and support, compensation package negotiation, and any other specific needs you may have, with a team-like support throughout the process.
  • Self-assessments that are reviewed with the your consultant to support you in narrowing your career focus for more optimized networking, job search, and interviewing prep.
  • In depth review of your career goals, experience, and achievements to create an impactful and optimized resume and other supplemental documents that will track with Applicant Tracking Systems using select keywords and phrases tailored to the positions to which you are applying.
  • A review and in-depth guidance for updating the your LinkedIn Profile to best reflect your experience, achievements, and key strengths, and a tutorial on how to utilize LinkedIn for career networking.
  • Guidance and Dun & Bradstreet Database access to support you in building a targeted list of desired companies and positions, and then support with warm introductions or networking to those positions and hiring managers utilizing the MDL network, as well as guidance on job-creation within targeted companies.
  • Unlimited lifetime access to our workshops, seminars, and networking events, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Action Planning – Workshop (monthly)
    • Interview Techniques – Workshop (monthly)
    • Salary Negotiations – Workshop (monthly)
    • Multiple Special Interest Group Networking Sessions (verticals vary – weekly)
    • General Networking Sessions (monthly)
    • Specialized Luncheon Networking Sessions (verticals vary – monthly)
  • Unlimited Mock Interview Prep Sessions – Scheduled individually with dedicated MDL mock-interviewer at any time, after which you are provided with feedback for improvements.
  • Unlimited administrative support throughout the career search and beyond.
  • Yearly career review and support with planning for next steps in career advancement.
  • Limited support for your immediate family members including spouses and adult children.

Because each client’s needs are unique, this list provides only a basic outline of the guaranteed services to be provided, but because we are a comprehensive Career Management Services and Executive Outplacement firm, we put our client first and provide tailored support that may go above and beyond what is described to ensure the best possible career outcome for that client; hence our extensive network of nearly 9,000 executives that are ready and willing to support incoming members toward their career goals based on their own positive experiences in working with us.


Our firm’s quality is based upon our unique, tailored, and effective process which lends towards achieving exceptional results for each client. As an example, in 2021, over two thirds of successful clients received some sort of equity participation, stock package, partnership, or some form of ownership in their new position as part of their compensation package.


MDL Partners was founded in Florida in 1986. Tom McNeil purchased the company in 1989 and now operates from our headquarters in the Greater Boston Area. MDL Partners focuses primarily on serving mid-level and senior-level clients.