The CEO Test: Do you have the skills it takes for the job?

Would you like to start a business, buy a business, or run a business for yourself or for investors?  If so, you need a broad array of skills and experience, probably at a very high level, to be successful  in the job of Chief Executive Officer.

Take the MDL CEO test to see where you score on the road to the corner office. Use it to identify what you still need to learn, what skills and career development you’ll need to be successful in the job of Chief Excuitive Officer, and to plot your learning path to future success.

If you take the test and realize the CEO job isn’t in your future, you can build realistic alternative career plans. Be honest!

The CEO Test was developed by Author of CEO: Mastering the Corporate Pyramid and MDL Partners Executive Vice President, John Decker.

© John Decker 2015

His book can be explored here:

CEO: Mastering the Corporate Pyramid