The dramatic transformation taking place in American and Global business is accelerating daily.  Fueled by a rapidly evolving global business environment, we are seeing the creation of new industries, new challenges, new career opportunities, and new rules. Never before has business and industry been as broad, as complex, or as inviting.  These changes deeply impact executive leaders across their job search, career transition, and professional trajectory.

For these reasons, more and more senior-level professionals are embracing Executive Career Management as a way to navigate these waters when strategizing their next job.MDL Partners’ adaptive and proven methodologies have supported countless positive outcomes for our clients over the past 30+ years.  Because we work for our clients, and not companies (like executive  recruiters do), our commitment translates into proactive support and ongoing effort until you achieve a positive end result and your career focus becomes a reality. 

The wide array of C-Level career opportunities created by today’s business climate is valuable only to those who know how to locate and exploit them, which is what has made Executive Career Management more and more of a necessity than an option.  Increasing competition for the best senior-level job opportunities has dictated the need for services that can combine creative professional development techniques, sophisticated personal marketing plans and strategies, and the power of modern information gathering.  We help executives from all levels and industries in their job transition including the following roles:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CMO
  • COO
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • CPO (Chief Product Officer)
  • CIO (Chief Investment Officer or Chief Information Officer)
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Vice President, and more.

Executive Mentoring, Strategy, and Networking

At MDL Partners, we recognized this need over 30 years ago and have assembled a high-powered, dedicated team of career management professionals to implement our unique career consulting approach, which has been continually adapted throughout the years to address the changing dynamics of the jobs market.  Our team includes PhDs, MBAs, successful entrepreneurs, and senior executives from a wide variety of industries.  By carefully controlling the ratio of clients to career consultants, we allow these professionals to maximize their effectiveness in dealing with your executive career management needs.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff of career consultants employ sophisticated, personalized, and effective processes to help clients recognize – and then achieve – their career goals.  Our mission is to ensure that clients are well-prepared, have a strategy in place, and are ready to take maximum advantage of the opportunities available in today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive marketplace with the support and aide of a dedicated team of professionals to guide them.

The CEO Test: Do you have the skills it takes for the job?

Would you like to start a business, buy a business, or run a business for yourself or for investors?  If so, you need a broad array of skills and experience, probably at a very high level, to be successful in the job of Chief Executive Officer.

Take the MDL CEO test to see where you score on the road to the corner office. Use it to identify what you still need to learn, what executive skills and career development you’ll need to be successful in the top job, and to plot your learning path to future success.

If you take the CEO test and realize the top job isn’t in your future, you can build realistic alternative career plans. Be honest!


We offer the most experience and best value in the industry. As a client
you will benefit from:

  • Unlimited long-term career planning and support
  • Our proven methodology
  • An optimized career transition strategy
  • Ongoing relationships with our highly experienced staff
  • Proactive support
  • Our network of nearly 9000 senior executives worldwide

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