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Workshop – Action Planning for Executive Level Job Search

November 8, 2023 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

In a Harvard Business Review article (Volume 67, Number 5), “Beware the Pitfalls of Global Marketing,” the author notes that: “Shortcomings in a campaign, like over-standardization and poor follow-up, can fell a good product.” When you are a MDL Partners client, these shortcomings, which in many cases also handicap the job campaign, are thoroughly addressed by MDL Partners’ team of expert consultants.  So what are these pitfalls, and how can MDL Partners can help you to avoid them?

1. Insufficient Research

Formal and thorough research is not alien to decision making, yet many career plans have been kicked off without the benefit of a reality test: How viable are my options? Which are most appropriate? And where do I even start?  Short-cutting this early step is likely to be a very costly choice sooner or later in one’s career.

Our Method

When you become a client of MDL Partners, one of the first things you will do are your Comprehensive Professional Profiles where you will thoroughly explore your experience, achievements, and significant accomplishments with your consultant.  You will also be asked to complete a thorough Self-Assessment Guide to become more clear on where your strengths lie, what your goals are, and where you are most likely to be successful.  As you advance through our process, you will gain invaluable information that will lend to your research repertoire, and therefore, your success in moving forward.

2. Over-Standardization and Rigid Implementation

When a job search is burdened with too many conventional methods, inventiveness and individuality are lost. There is no “One Size Fits All” approach to career management, and attempting to force your path to fit your plan will be your downfall.  The jobs market is dynamic and ever-changing, and flexibility is a competitive advantage that should be built into your career management plan and  its implementation.

Our Method

With your MDL Partners consultant, you will develop an individualized career management strategy that is adaptive and responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of the jobs market.  You will learn techniques for directing your career along the natural path that aligns with your strengths, your goals, and your experience.  In addition, our workshops and regular networking events will provide you with experiential exercises within a safe environment where you will gain valuable feedback with regard to your implementation of said strategy.

3. Poor Follow-up

Impressive meetings and splashy presentations to company heads are important “attention-getters” at the start of a career campaign, but the momentum will be lost if there are no steps in place to follow up, monitor progress, and address issues or concerns as they occur.  These post-launch activities can determine whether or not your career management strategy will be productive.

Our Method

We at MDL Partners know that networking is the key to a successful career management strategy, and through our process you will learn not only the techniques of successful networking, but also the formulas and tools for cultivating and maintaining your network so that it works to your advantage.  This knowledge and practice then bolsters your competitive advantage once you enter the interviewing process, as these same techniques and tools will then be used to follow up and maintain your relationship with hiring authorities.

4. Narrow Vision

Narrow vision is a serious problem when it comes to a career management strategy.  Similar to being too rigid, having too narrow of a scope vastly reduces your opportunity for success and overall fulfillment.  While “Having Your Eyes on the Prize” is greatly encouraged, sometimes the path to get there involves smaller intermediary steps that are necessary, and insisting on only making moves that land directly on The Prize ends up hampering your career strategy altogether.

Our Method

When you work with MDL Partners, you are a client for life.  This means that our main goal isn’t to simply help you land your next position, but to support you in developing a long-term career strategy that may span multiple years and positions or titles.  Our consultants help you to widen your view of what is possible.  Developing this sort of adaptive strategy ensures that each move you make is impactful and meaningful to achieving your overall career goals.


November 8, 2023
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm