Richard M. Story, III is an Executive Vice President at MDL Partners in Farmington, Connecticut.

During Rick’s business career he has been employed by one of the nation’s premier financial institutions, one of the nation’s leading outplacement consulting firms, and he has been the Owner and President of two businesses. This combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience provides Rick with a unique understanding of and empathy for his clients’ career aspirations. Additionally, Rick has been active in his community and state, serving most recently as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau representing over 100 cities and towns in the State of Connecticut.

For nearly 40 years Rick has been employed in the Career Consulting and Marketing profession. During this time he has developed the philosophy that a person needs to actively manage his or her career in concert with a Career Advisor who has the judgment, wisdom, experience, and perspective that comes from assisting hundreds of people in advancing their careers. It is difficult for one person alone to be an expert in searching for the right opportunity when it is something they do not do very often, especially when comprehensive assistance is available through a firm such as MDL Partners.

Rick holds a BA in Economics from Knox College and an MBA from the University of Connecticut.