Executive Job Search Strategy: Contact Hiring Managers Directly

In the competitive landscape of executive jobs and senior-level searches, standing out is simply par for the course. One effective strategy that we advocate at MDL Partners involves reaching out directly to hiring managers, as illustrated by an anecdote from one of our finance clients in NYC. This proactive approach significantly enhances the odds of getting in the door in your senior-level job search.

Strategic Outreach Yields Results in the Job Search

One of our finance clients in NYC applied for a high-demand job opening with an early-stage electric vehicle company. He had no connections there. So despite the position aligning perfectly with his senior-level experience, career goals, and the company’s mission, the application seemed to vanish into the void – a common frustration in the world of ATS and online job applications.

The client joined MDL Partners subsequently after, recognizing the need for a more strategic approach to his career transition. We began by overhauling his professional package, including his LinkedIn profile, resume, and collateral materials, tailored for executive positions that fit his professional experience.

In February, an opportunity presented itself when the electric vehicle company relisted the position. Armed with his revamped materials and a more targeted message, our client was eager to apply again. With neither MDL Partners nor our client having any connections at the company, we explored the option of reaching out directly to the hiring manager, likely the CEO in this instance.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Impactful Job Search Outreach

It was clear at looking at his profile that the CEO was active on LinkedIn.  We encourage our clients to subscribe to LinkedIn Premium so they can send unlimited messages. Sending a direct InMail message was a good bet to get some attention.

In the message, our client highlighted his genuine interest in the company and the open position, emphasizing his finance expertise and alignment with the company’s growth goals.

As it turned out, the company had a separate office within the same building as a WeWork-type shared office that our client uses regularly.   We suggested the client note within the first few sentences of his LinkedIn message that he worked right next to the company’s office and would be happy to swing by for a 5-10-minute chat with the CEO.  We emphasized noting this early in his message and not relegating it to the end of the message.

Swift Response and Positive Outcome

Within a mere 4-5 hours of sending the LinkedIn message, our client received a response from the CEO. The CEO not only acknowledged the message but also invited our client for an initial interview. This rapid and positive response is a testament to the efficacy of direct outreach in the realm of executive jobs, senior-level job searches, and leadership jobs.

Our client advanced to final discussions with the company, illustrating that a proactive approach, such as calling the hiring manager, can yield substantial results in the competitive landscape of senior-level jobs.

Mastering the Art of Proactive Job Search

This anecdote showcases how a successful senior-level job search strategy can play out. By taking proactive steps, our client transformed a seemingly closed door into a pathway for advancing his career. In the competitive market of executive jobs and senior-level positions, it’s essential to employ innovative strategies to navigate the intricacies of the job market successfully.

By Brion Bickerton, Senior Vice President, MDL Partners